Model D RowErg Support

Model D Indoor Rower

Light gray or black (July 2012-present)
Light blue frame with dark gray monorail sticker (August 2006-July 2012)

Distinguishing Characteristics
Ergonomic handle with a 10-degree bend.
Damper settings molded into the flywheel cover.
Plastic foot stretchers.
Movable monitor support arm

Manufacture Dates
August 2006-present

Example Serial Numbers

Serial Number Location
The serial number label is on the left (no air movement) side of the flywheel, between the “V” of the front legs.

arrow pointing to the flat (no air movement) side of the flywheel just above the box frame.


How To and Repair

Chain Problems
Chain running roughly or skipping, or making noise.
Black Residue on Monorail
Black flecks or spots appear on the monorail.
Seat Wobbles from Side to Side
Bumpy Seat
Seat is bumpy or making clicking, ratchet-like sounds when rowing.
Complete Loss of Resistance
All Model D Troubleshooting
Chain Idler Pulley Replacement
Cleaning the Flywheel
Remove and clean the metal perf regularly to keep your flywheel operating well.
All Model D How To

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