Complete Loss of Resistance


There is a complete loss of resistance during the drive. There is no noise associated with this loss of resistance.


This usually means that the clutch is not engaging due to the lubricant within the clutch becoming contaminated or dried out, preventing the clutch from engaging. In most cases this can be remedied by removing the flywheel and oiling the clutch. See instructions for removal steps:

Once the flywheel is removed, locate the clutch (which resembles a roller bearing). Apply a light oil (such as 3-IN-ONE® oil) directly on the rollers of the clutch. Reassemble and retry.

In rare cases, the clutch in the flywheel is worn out or damaged. If oiling does not fix the problem replace the flywheel assembly. Order a new balanced flywheel assembly:

  • Part number 1740 for Model C Indoor Rowers
  • Part number 1940 for Model D Indoor Rowers manufactured from July 2003–October 29, 2006
  • Part number 2940 for Model D and E Indoor Rowers manufactured from October 30, 2006–present