Oar Maintenance and Repair

Concept2 Oar Serial Number Locations


The serial number will have a different format depending on the manufacture date of your oars.

July 2007-Present
Example: see photo
Location: Black label affixed on shaft inboard of sleeve.

October 2002-July 2007
Example: 0446753-1-1/4P
Location: Etched into shaft abutting inboard end of sleeve.

November 1998–September 2002
Example: 0204264-001 or 204264-1
Location: Etched into handle-end of shaft OR etched into shaft inboard of sleeve.

September 1991–November 1998
Example: 215-14420
Location: Etched into handle end of shaft.

February 1983–September 1991
Example: JD8302M
Location: Etched into handle end of shaft.

Learn how to decode oar serial numbers.

Oar Set-up

Oar Maintenance

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Setting Inboard
The inboard is determined by where you set the collar on the sleeve. Here are some basic recommendations for both sculls and sweep oars.
Putting the Oars on the Boat
Checking and Setting Pitch at the Sleeve
Painting Blades
Handle and Grip Care
Sleeve and Collar Care
Storing and Transporting Oars
General Care and Maintenance
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Oar Service and repair

Grip Replacement
Collar Installation
Blade Removal
Painting Blades
Evaluating Damage
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