Performance Monitor PM5

Current model. Standard on:

  • Model D, Model E, and Dynamic Indoor Rowers from October 2014 to present
  • SkiErgs from September 2014 to present
  • All BikeErgs
  • Retrofittable to all older Concept2 Indoor Rowers and SkiErgs


  • Takes two D cell batteries
  • RowErg, BikeErg or SkiErg supplies power to the monitor during use

Manufacture Dates
September 2014–Present

Current PM5 Firmware versions are:

  • Indoor rowers—Version 176 or 37
  • SkiErgs—Version 876 or 737
  • BikeErg—Version 334

The version you need for your machine type depends on the hardware version your PM5 runs. Learn More | Update

Performance Monitor User Guide

PM5 Troubleshooting

Stuck on Zero
Battery Issues
Broken USB Cable Jack
Buttons Not Working
Cannot Update Firmware with the USB Cable and Concept2 Utility
Cannot Update Firmware with the USB Flash Drive
Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor Won't Connect
Missing Lines (Pixels) on Screen
Missing Values on Screen
Problems Using the iConnectConcept2 Cable
PM5 Error Codes
Monitor without Batteries Won't Power Up When Rowing/Skiing
USB Overload Error
Freezing During an Interval Workout After a Certain Number of Intervals