Performance Monitor 4 Identification

The PM4 has a silver body, 5 buttons down the right side, 3 larger buttons across the bottom and a slot for a card (card reader) on the bottom left.


No longer available; can be replaced with the PM5.
Standard on Model E Indoor Rowers from 2006-2014
Was available as an upgrade option on:

  • Model D Indoor Rowers 2006-2014
  • Dynamic Indoor Rowers 2010-2014
  • SkiErgs 2009-2014

Could be retrofitted to Model D, Model C, Model B, and Model A Indoor Rowers


  • Originally came with a rechargeable battery pack (no longer available) on some machines
  • Takes two D cell batteries

Manufacture Dates

Current PM4 Firmware versions are:

  • Indoor rowers—Version 332 or 29, depending on monitor age
  • SkiErgs—Version 732

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PM4 Troubleshooting

Stuck on Zero
Battery Issues
Broken USB Cable Jack
Buttons Not Working
Cannot Update Firmware with the USB Cable and Concept2 Utility
Dead Monitor/Vertical or Horizontal Black Lines
Error Codes
Fluttering Lines on Screen
All PM4 Troubleshooting

PM4 Error Codes and Resolution

Error Codes 37-, 39-, 137-, and 240-
These error codes are associated with the LogCard or the PM Memory if no LogCard is used.
Resolution for Error Code 43
Resolution for Error Code 50
Resolution for Error Codes 120- through 129-
Resolution for Error Code 571
Resolution for Error Code 573-1
Resolution for Error Code 779-1