Pace Calculator

The Concept2 Erg Pace Calculator is a useful tool for planning your workouts and races. It makes it easy to determine your average pace, or split, from the results of a workout.  And it enables you to closely predict a total time or distance score based on the average pace/split you plan to maintain.

How to Use

Enter a pair of values (any two of the following: distance, 500m split, cumulative time), then click the relevant calculate button to return the third value and watts.

Erg Type


500m Split




Based on what you've entered above, here are your average watts:

0 Watts

Example Use: If you want to row a 2000m race in a time of 7:35, what pace would you need to maintain? Enter the distance, the time, and click on “calculate split.” The answer is 1:53.7.

Or, if you know your comfortable, steady pace is 2:05, how long will take you to go 5000m?  Answer: 20:50.

Formulas Used

distance = (time/split) * 500
split = 500 * (time/distance)
time = split * (distance/500)
watts = 2.8/(split/500)³