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Chain Problems
Chain running roughly or skipping, or making noise.
Black Residue on Monorail
Black flecks or spots appear on the monorail.
Seat Wobbles from Side to Side
Bumpy Seat
Seat is bumpy or making clicking, ratchet-like sounds when rowing.
Complete Loss of Resistance
Not Enough Resistance
Loose Foot Belly Screws
Seat Hits End of Track
Handle Hangs Loose
Can’t Loosen Four Front Leg Screws

Model D How-To and Repair

Chain Idler Pulley Replacement
Cleaning the Flywheel
Remove and clean the metal perf regularly to keep your flywheel operating well.
Cleaning the Monorail
The monorail on your rowing machine regularly collects dust, grit and grime from during storage and regular use. Regular cleaning can help keep your seat sliding smoothly.
Model D Reboxing
Adjusting the Shock Cord
Lubricating the Chain
Lubricate the chain regularly to keep your RowErg running smoothly.
Foot Belly Reinforcement Kit Instructions
Model D Generator Base and Coil Replacement
Replacing the Flywheel on the Model D/E