Sweep CLAM, Orange

Part #607

For use with green or black sleeves, our CLAM (short for "Clip-on Load Adjusting Mechanism") is a 1 cm thick shim that clips onto your oar sleeve next to the collar, allowing you to quickly and easily adjust load without any tools.

Sweep CLAM, Orange
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A CLAM is a "Clip-on Load Adjusting Mechanism," a 1cm thick shim that clips on to your oar sleeve next to the collar quickly and easily without any tools. Use CLAMs to change your inboard settings fast, without having to loosen or remove collars. Use one or two clams per oar for a 1 cm or 2 cm change in inboard. Use of more than two CLAMs per oar is not recommended.

Use orange CLAMs (part number 607—this item) if the sleeves on your oars are green or black. If the sleeves on your oars are white with replaceable wear plates, order blue CLAMs, (part number 599).

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